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Sing Tao News Corporation Limited
  • Perfect Treasure Holdings
  • Global China Technology
  • Global China Group Holdings
Traded asSEHK1105
HeadquartersHong Kong
Key people
Sing Tao News Corporation
Traditional Chinese星島新聞集團有限公司
Simplified Chinese星岛新闻集团有限公司
Global China Group Holdings Limited
Traditional Chinese泛華集團控股有限公司
Simplified Chinese泛华集团控股有限公司

Sing Tao News Corporation Limited known as just Sing Tao is a Hong Kong media company. It is incorporated in Bermuda.[1] It was formerly called Global China Group Holdings Limited.[2]

The Group[edit]

The Group is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The group was formerly known as Global China Group Holdings Limited until 22 February 2005,[1] as Global China Technology Group Limited until 4 October 2002,[1] and as Perfect Treasure Holdings Limited until 8 August 2000.[1]

Perfect Treasure Holdings[edit]

Sing Tao News Corporation[edit]

Charles Ho acquired Perfect Treasure Holdings in 2000,[3] renaming the company to Global China Technology Group. He also became the honorary chairman of Sing Tao Holdings in September 1999[4] after it was acquired by a private equity fund of Lazard Asia. However, Global China Technology Group then acquired Sing Tao Holdings from the private equity fund in January 2001[5] and Charles Ho became the chairman of both Global China Technology Group and Sing Tao Holdings.

Soon after Global China Technology Group acquired Sing Tao Holdings as a subsidiary, in mid-2002 the subsidiary excluding Sing Tao Media Holdings and Colony Hotel was sold to Ming Yuan Investment Group, a private company owned by Yao Yuan.[6][7] Sing Tao Holdings was then known as Shanghai Mingyuan Holdings since October 2002. Sing Tao Media Holdings was an intermediate company for newspaper and magazine business of the former Sing Tao Holdings group.

The predecessors of Sing Tao Holdings as the parent company of Sing Tao group, was Sing Tao Limited (aka: Sing Tao Newspapers Limited and Sin Poh Amalgamated (H.K.) Limited). As of 2018, Sing Tao Limited was still operates as a company and a subsidiary of Sing Tao News Corporation.

In 2003, Colony Hotel which the company partially owned, was sold[8] to the University of Toronto.

In 2005 Global China Group Holdings was renamed to Sing Tao News Corporation. In the same year Sing Tao sold the headquarters of its newspaper division in Kowloon Bay, Kowloon.[9] The headquarters was later relocated to A Kung Ngam in Hong Kong Island. In 2017, the headquarters was relocated to Tseung Kwan O.



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