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Hi and welcome to my User Page, I'm MechBrowman. I am currently a college student in Philadelphia. I discovered Wikipedia in the last quarter of 2004.

First I found its wide variety of articles great starter material for almost any subject. Then the anyone can edit "thing" turned me off and I swore never to come back, annoyed with inconsistent articles, and controversial subjects. However I quickly changed my mind.


RMS Titanic has been featured! Thanks to everyone who helped bring this article up to the standard it deserved.

I'm not sick of Titanic yet, I am currently cleaning up and unstubbing every article in Category:Titanic's crew and passengers:

A · B -working · D · F · G · H · I · J · L · M · P · S

Other articles I've contributed heavily to are Weird NJ, LOVE Park, and SS Californian.


Images I have created:

Iceberg and titanic.png